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Young Living Essential OilsYoung Living Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Essential Oil by Living Young with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils      
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Try Ningxia Red , the Elixir of Life!

Aromatherapy begins with 100% pure,
therapeutic-grade, unadulterated essential oils.

A few years ago several leading national trend forecasters predicted that aromatherapy will emerge as one of the most popular wellness trends and that the use of aromatic oils will be a part of nearly every household in the U.S. by the end of the decade. With the recent boom in aromatherapy, this prediction is rapidly becoming true.

Alan Hirsch, M.D., director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago states that the future of modern medicine lies in aromatherapy. He predicts that within 10 years, aromatherapy will be a regular part of every physician's practice.

Essential 7 Kit Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living's Essential 7 Kit

Essential oils are natural plant oils found in aromatic plants all over the world. These oils are present to help nourish, heal, and protect the plant from bacteria and infection. But what's astonishing is that many of these properties can be similarly effective on humans.

Essential oils are valuable substances extracted from plants through distillation. They enhance life by bringing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being into balance. Applied through various methods, they help restore health and well-being.

NingXia Red Antioxidant Drink

This incredible nutritional supplement can jump-start any lifestyle, thanks to the power of the Ningxia wolfberry, or goji. The Chinese have known about the amazing benefits of goji for centuries, citing its ability to replenish the vital essence and fortify the life force. Today we know that the Ningxia wolfberry features unequaled antioxidant levels and nutrients, and is known as one of the world's premier superfruits.

Infused with the power of essential oils, NingXia Red also features:

* High levels of naturally occurring phytonutrients (plant-nutrients), including beta cryptoxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin.
* Ningxia wolfberries, which protect your body against oxidation by providing powerful antioxidants.
* Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds your body needs to stay healthy, found naturally in the cells of fruits and vegetables.

It's time to re-think what you're putting into your body, and NingXia Red is the answer to natural, sustainable energy and health!

"I've not tried all the health drinks in the world, but I've tried enough. Ningxia Red is the most energizing natural health drink I have ever used in my life." Jeff Tollefson      read more...

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Essential Oils Carrying Cases & Storage Racks

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